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The colors of the wonderful holidays in Nepal

luxury Nepal Holiday
Located in the south Asian region and sandwiched between China on the north and Indian on the southern side, Nepal has its own colors of holiday on its land. The charming smiles of the honest and loyal Nepali speaking people has always indicated a warm welcome into the hills, valleys and the plains of Nepal. The glorious past of the country are encrypted in the pages of history that describe the heroism of the great royal dynasties that ruled Nepal till the very recent times. The bravery of the famous Gurkhas has been an example for the soldiers all over the world that have the motto of “dyeing is better than being a coward”. The country is now moving on the wheels of democracy and is on its way to a prosperous future. The nation is well known all round the globe for the high rise peaks and 7 of which come under the UNESCO”s world heritage sites.

Not every minute detail would be of your interest and neither can we cramp up the entire nation in these few lines so it would be better we give you some of the best Tourist Places in Nepal.

The Chitwan national park situated in Chitwan and is the home of the famous one horned rhinoceros and the great gharial crocs. An elephant ride in the national park will let you enjoy the wildlife in a safe and an exciting way.

Next we move to the capital of Nepal, the Kathmandu valley that is filled with plenty of temples and palaces constructed in traditional styles. The art and the architecture of the Newari tribes are popular in the valley. 

The place is buzzing with plenty of malls, cafes, restaurants and hotels that make it crowdy and yet the place is so much happening. You can always enjoy the delicacies of Nepal here in the Kathmandu valley like the momos, thukpa, the Sel Roti, aludum, Patre, Sekuwa the roasted meat etc.

luxury Nepal Holiday
Our journey now reaches us to the birth place of the Lord Gautama Buddha at Lumbini. The beautiful place is situated on the foothills of the Himalayas. The place has the religious importance and sees many pilgrims and even many eager tourists who show some interest in the enlightened master of all masters, Lord Buddha who was born here as prince Siddhartha.

The tranquility of the lake here at Langtang National Park that is situated on the north border of the Kathmandu is going to captivate you with the panorama of the elusive highs of the snow capped Himalayas. Here you can catch adventure activities trekking and the heart throbbing white water rafting.

The other in the list of famous in the country is the Namo Buddha that is a popular pilgrim place of the Buddhists located 40kms southeast of the Kathmandu valley. The place was infested with in the past so in fear the local monks used to utter the words “Namo Buddha” from whence it got its name.

The heart of the tourism in Nepal lies in the attractiveness of the Pokhara valley. Paragliding, trekking, rafting and rock climbing are flourishing adventures in the region which is filled with wonderful landscapes and pristine lakes all these can be explored with any luxury Nepal Holiday customized from any leading tour operator.

The best of all the attractions without which the tourism of Nepal is always incomplete without the trekking around the Annapurna and the tallest mountain Peak of the world the mount Everest standing proudly and challenging climbers around the world.

luxury Nepal Holiday
Hope you enjoyed the journey in Nepal through this article and it’s now a time to make it a reality. Enjoy the beautiful country ….happy holidays.

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Friday, 31 August 2012

We Are In the Land of the Jovial Smiles-Malaysia

luxury Holiday Malaysia
While you are in Asia make sure you are here in, what we fondly call it truly Asia, the Malaysia. It is a vast country for you to explore in one holiday but you can always go for the best ones here in this country. As describing the country in a detailed way will require plenty of time and space so we give you only that which would be of your interest and the ones that highlight the tourism of the nation.

Starting from the capital these are the pride and the symbol of the strength of the economy of the country, these are the well known Pertonas Towers of Kuala Lumpur. These marvelous constructions are a great example of architecture. They were the tallest of all the buildings of world until the crown was taken over by the Chinese Taipei 101, which by time was again taken over by the Burj tower of Dubai. Nevertheless these twin towers still steal the nights charm from the other buildings.

If you are an adventure lover then tighten up your shoe laces for its now a time for a hike into Mt. Kinabalu. The mountain rises up to a height of 13, 435 ft above the sea level and offers an enjoyable one day trip to the summit. The hikers have a habit of purposefully halting overnight to enjoy the mesmerizing sunrise from this peak. The surrounding area inclusive of the mountain falls under a natural reserve.

If real old things interest you in your luxury Holiday Malaysia, then the Georgetown of the Penang state of Malaysia is your stop. The state is filled with the colonial past of the Britishers. The uniqueness of the architecture of the temples and the houses puts it in the list of the UNESCO’s world heritage site in the year 2008. The beauty of the surrounding is fabulous with the mountains and the sea. Also added to the
luxury Holiday Malaysia
same list is the Melaka that has developed a unique culture which is an intermingle of the Malaysian and the Chinese culture, the Baba Nonya culture, and this reflects clearly in the architecture, art, cuisine, and clothing etc.

Baked in the sun it’s time for us to taste some fresh air and the cool winds of Cameron. No we are not going outside Malaysia but Cameron highlands are a state of Malaysia. The weather is perfectly fine tuned in this part of the world. It is one of the largest hill stations of the country. The climate makes the place sprawling with lush tea gardens, the flowers in bloom, and moreover the beautiful strawberries as well. The farms can offer some of the fresh fruits to quench your desire for the taste.

Time for some beach fun in the Perhentian islands… here the mood and the beaches get adjusted to each other automatically pushing you into a lively mood. The swaying palm fringed white sandy beaches and the blue sky make the place appealing. The beach is a real stunner and is located in a remote location away from all the commercial activities just for your quality time alone with the nature.

The Genting highlands will get you high on life with its gaming resorts, the roller coaster rides, the bars, the restaurants, the theme parks, the shopping malls etc.
Finally there are the most visited Batu caves bearing the Hindu temples in the pockets of the limestone caves. 

These are one of the most famous and important Hindu temples outside India.
Malaysia weather is tropical in nature and the not so hot is the other word for it because humidity is common feature of the climate here due to the nearness of the sea. The mercury flows between 20 -30 degree Celsius around the year.

luxury Holiday Malaysia
Hope you are mentally prepared after getting a gist of the wonderful country and would want to try explore it in your own way…happy journeying.

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In The Words of the Amazing Thailand

luxury Thailand Holiday
The magic of the wonderful lifestyle attracts flocks of tourists every year to have a taste of the overflowing beauty and the charisma of the culture of Thailand. There are abundance of activities that can be done in this country such as exploring the hedonistic beaches, the exquisite culture, the verdant mountains, the lush greenery of the fields, the amazing festivals, the amazing delicacies and etc. Thailand is filled with surprises for everyone from the north to the south and just try asking a simple question what you want? And Thailand has most of the answers for your questions hidden in it.

Now time for some beachside fun to make your visit a luxury Thailand Holiday - The southern islands of Thailand is world famous for their beauty. The jagged limestone cliffs and the white sands the excellent party life on the islands make it much visited round the calendar. The beauty of the islands from Koh Phi Phi to the railway bay these islands are the most fabulous one and most of them offer excellent night parties on the full moon nights. The beaches also offer excellent adventure and sports activities like hiking, rock climbing, snorkeling, kayaking, or you can just lie on the white sands enjoying the sun. At Koh Tao scuba diving is also available.

Let me give you a glimpse of this fantastic Thailand Tourist Places and what’s and the where’s.
I begin with the capital i.e. Bangkok which is a shoppers and a foodies stop. The city barely sleeps in the night as it believes in a life even when the sun is missing from the scene. If it’s about the excellent nightlife and the shopping in the malls or be it the finest gourmet stuff, Bangkok is on its toes to offer you the service with the smile. The headquarters of the backpackers in Southeast Asia is located here in Khao San road.
luxurythailand Holiday

Bangkok was also known formerly as the “Venice of the east” the reason is the floating markets here. Here the vendors sell their commodities from their boats that resemble Venice. These also give an idea about the past of the country as this system is continuing from long back. The contrast and the rapid pace of development can be made out by comparing these floating markets and the high rise buildings nearby.

Moving ahead the remains here are now declared as a UNESCO world heritage site- this is Ayutthaya. Located a few hours of drive away this ancient city is a major part of the visit of the tourists during the day. Now only the ruins are left behind of a few temples and other structures of a once prosperous Siamese kingdom.

The nature is at its best at Chaing Rai, where the displays of the flower gardens, waterfalls, the hot springs with healing properties make the place a near paradise. Here you find beautiful temples and the most famous of them is the White temple. Not very far is again the Chiang Mai which offers perfect outdoor activities, like elephant riding and treks. The most interesting thing here is the Karen tribe women bearing the long neck with decorative rings around them.

So if you are thinking of returning home now then we say… nah not so dry- because here is the Songkran festival which is the world famous water fight held in Thailand, celebrated every year from the 13th to the 15th of April every year. So carry back some wet memories as you return …happy holidaying.
luxury Thailand Holiday

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Singapore Astounding and Best Countries in Entire Asia to Visit

Singapore Holiday Packages
Singapore is one of the outstanding destinations to appointment and analyze in the absolute world. This breathtakingly admirable country is absolutely one of the most approved afterwards day-tripper destination which is visited by the visitors from actual from far and about the globe. The fun, excitement, joy and the arrangement of day-tripper attractions are amaranthine actuality and absolutely are actual account to appointment and explore. Singapore is one of the cleanest countries in the apple and is absolutely the most admirable country to appointment at atomic already in your lifetime. The alien beaches, age-old monuments, active wildlife and the blossom area absolutely are account to visit. The entertainments and the activities are actual august and not to be abstain on your appointment to Singapore acquiescently identified as the ‘garden city'.

Looking for an alien bout and biking destination, again you are a lot of acceptable to the Magical Land of Singapore one of the most approved afterwards bout and biking destination in North-east Asia. It is one such an abode area all the sources of ball are accessible and you can abide the accomplished ancestors will accept fun. From arresting landscapes and exciting action parks to approach belted beaches and arresting botanical gardens, you will acquisition countless things there which actuate tourists to appointment this abode from every alcove and bend of the world.

Some of the sheer wonders which truly will leave the vacationers spell bound on your visit are such as listed below:

Singapore Holiday Packages
Marina Bay Sands Casino: Marina Bay Sands Casino is more than just casino and hotel in Singapore. Absolutely this is as well one of the have to see and appointment attractions with any Singapore Packages. The Marina Bay Sands Bank was accessible in 2o1o and in actuality it has aggregate to become Southeast Asia's next top ball destination. This arresting allure is amid just at 1o Bay front Avenue, which is just 1o, account from the Changi International Airport. Absolutely the area of this admirable allure in affection of Singapore offers all the day-tripper and visitors a balmy acceptable and invites abounding tourists from all over the globe. The Bank accessories and the resorts accessories are absolutely superb and account to analyze the agitating alloy of affluence and comforts in a bucket. This beautiful attraction in Singapore truly adds charm on your visit to this country with any Singapore Holiday Packages.

Singapore Holiday Packages
This country offers you more active cultures which absolutely is acclaim aces and is a lot of admired by the away visitors. Lovingly this admirable country is alleged as the Jewel of the South East Asia and a abundant abode to be actuality with ancestors and friends. The admixture of dream like, alien landscapes, affected age-old temples, blossom gardens, alien wildlife, and attractive rivers are absolutely actual account to appointment and explore. Some of the above day-tripper attractions to analyze on your tour to Singapore are as Underwater World Singapore, Singapore Zoo, Singapore Science Centre, Jurong Bird Park and Singapore Night Safari.

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