Thursday, 23 August 2012

Malaysia the Land of Marvellous Attractions

Through this article I want to share my travel experience, I have treasured on my visit to Malaysia rightly dubbed by thousands travellers “Malaysia It’s truly Asia”
I have visited to several places around the world, but the charm and the beauty that Malaysia holds is truly outstanding and is very hard to describe in words. The very beauty of the exotic beaches, islands, blossoming gardens, exotic wildlife parks and sanctuaries, rain forest area, hot and happening pubs, exotic hotels and trendy cool restaurants, all are well organised to make the travel and tour in Malaysia an ever lasting experience of lifetime. It is such a wonder that people, who visit this marvel, will throng back again and again.

Well on my visit to Malaysia, I got an opportunity to visit so many Malaysia Tourist Places and each having their own exquisite charm and beauty to personified the visitors. Kuala Lumpur was my first travel destination as offered by my tailor made Malaysia Holiday Package, that I booked from my travel tour operator. KL or Kuala Lumpur is such a wonder that you will never love to leave. The architectural wonderment of Twin Tower also called Petronas Tower will grab your attention for more than hours and make you think, how such a sky-kissing structure was made to stand in amidst the heart of Malaysia. I also visit Desa Waterpark, KL City Centre, Aquaria KLCC, Merdeka Square, etc. Apart from tour, I never miss opportunity to enjoy the delicious cuisines that hotels and restaurants in KL offered. Among the many delicious specialities spicy Szechuan Chicken was my favourite that I will never forget to taste again, on my visit to KL.

My destination was Cameroon Highland, a hill station in Malaysia draped in the serene magical beauty of the tea gardens and the hill slopes. It was an awesome place as the place was well draped in the astonishing charm of the sloppy emerald green hills with well organised tea gardens. One I started my journey towards the famous spots, I never rested for a while and took some hundreds of photographs of this scenic hill station, Cameroon Highlands. It was a marvel created by the nature and well preserved by the mankind.

Malaysia has no dearth of tourist places, I knew it from the very beginning, but the limited holidays have bounded me to visit only those top places that I have heard from many thousands of tourists and the leading travel magazine describes. Yet it was a great opportunity for me to explore that place that was seen to be believed.

Genting Highland was another posh and alluring tourist spot I visited during my tours. Well organised hotels and resorts with several theme park, Genting Highland was no less than a Mini Las Vegas having astonishing and alluring theme and charm to fascinate. It is one place where tourists of all ages can enjoy and treasure remarkable memories. I was among those thousands fortunate traveller who got to explore this Mini Las Vegas of Malaysia.

After the wonderful and exciting journey of Malaysia, I had to end my tour as my flight was waiting early morning to take me home. Will be again back with my next articles and share with you the place I visited the next. Till than take care and stay in good health.

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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Nepal the Mountaineering Destiny

Nepal Tourism
Nepal is a land locked country with India on the south and china on the north pressing its borders. The shape of Nepal can be described as inverted bread shaped. Nepal previously ruled by the royal kings had developed as a monarch country but now with the Maoists protests and the democratic government, Nepal is on the move towards development. Nepal is known to be the only Hindu country of the world and the country sees pride in their rich culture. The fair complexioned Nepalese here show Mongolian looks mixed with the Aryan one. The people of Nepal are very much warm hearted and are also famous for their bravery and chivalry all around the world under the name Gurkha.

In order to explore the charm of Nepal Tourism Kathmandu is the ground zero of any activity in the country. All the domestic and international flights are connected to the capital. Kathmandu itself has much in its pockets for you as a tourist. Firstly visit the Do Darbar Square, where plenty of good handicrafts are available make sure you are good at haggling. The old city tells what it had with its crumbling temples and the ignored artifacts along the banks of the Baghmati River. The Pashupatinath with its holiness is going to bless your lives with its holy temples and fill your heart with melancholy vibes with its cremation Ghats. The newly created Patan museum is for your amusement in the Patan Durbar.

Coming out of Kathmandu we move to Pokhara, the must visit in Nepal. Known mostly for the population though, the place has not attracted the population just for nothing. The beauty of the place is a food for the eyes for a traveler with its tranquil atmosphere and amazing panorama. The Maachhapuchhure (as the local call it) meaning the fish tail, makes a perfect background for Pokhara valley. The trekker’s paradise is the Shangri-la region in the Annapurna range, which opens from the Pokhara valley. The Pokhara valley is the adventurer’s hub as this paradise offers the adventure seekers to challenge the rapid flow of the river waters along with Para Gliding. The mountain flights are an added advantage as the travelers can have a spectacular overview of the Himalayas that are considered the jewel of Nepal. As the climbers climb up the Annapurna routes up then downhill the tiresome journey is given some respite at the Phewa Lake. The area here is bustling with restaurants and bars that are seen with European faces sharing their experiences with the stranger faces from all around the world with joyful faces.

Nepal Tourism
Filling the hearts with the messages of Lord Buddha the birthplace of Gautama Buddha is located here at Lumbini. The holy place is a popular crowd gathered from all around the world who reach here in search of peace of heart and soul. The place has surely done much to boost its tourism with the structural masterpieces of temples and monasteries. Lumbini is credited to be a world heritage site making the birth place of Buddha invaluable.

Nepal cannot be limited in these lines with the long list of the attractions like the wildlife of Koshi Tappu, Royal Chitwan National park, Royal Bardia National Park, etc. and the even longer list of Nepal Mountaineering routes of the Annapurna, Jomsom, Muktinath and the impossible to forget; the world’s highest, Everest. Nepal Adventure Tours also offer you incredible opportunity to enjoy delightful vacation and fulfill you dream tour of Nepal, with some thrilling and outstanding memories.

Nepal Tourism
If ever you have dreamt in your life of being a mountaineer or an adventurous trekking then the peaks of Nepal are challenging you to bring their proud heads under your feet. Nepal is your travel destination this holiday we know it. Namaste!!!!!!

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