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Magical Singapore Calling for Memorable Holidays

Holiday in Singapore
Everyone dream of exploring some exquisite and alluring tourist place that are there in the world. Some dream of visiting to Switzerland, some to Italy, Paris, Scotland and some love to visit Kashmir in India, Kerala in South India, Darjeeling, Sikkim and many other tourist places around the world. Every traveller have their own choice and preferences and they love to go according to their choice.

Among the many thousands and hundreds of tourists, who have thirst of travelling to new places, some must have the thirst of travelling to Singapore an island nation located in South East Asia. It is a beautiful tour destination that connects the traditions and culture of both East and West, fashion, cuisine and many more much similar of East and West. So most of the tourists visiting this beautiful Singapore, return home with remarkable and delightful memories which they take pleasure in for long time.

Holiday in Singapore offer wonderful opportunity for tourists to see and explore some astounding and remarkable tourist places that are found nowhere else on this planet. It has the world famous place like Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari, Singapore Botanical Garden, Sentosa Island, Underwater World, Kent Ridge Park, Pulau Ubin, The Orchard Roads, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, River Safari, Clarke Quay, etc. These places have enhanced the alluring charm and beauty of the Island Nation by leaps and bounds.

Holiday in Singapore
Jurong Bird Park of Singapore is one of its kinds, which houses various species of birds that are brought here from different counties, from across the world. It is said that more than 9000 birds of almost 600 different species are kept here, for public view as well as for education point of view. The park is visited by tourists, students and researches from all over the world, making it an ideal place to know about birds, their habitat and activities. To be very ture to words, it is no less than an Ornithologist Paradise.

Merlion or the state that donates Singapore tourism is another great attraction in this Island nation. Among the many statues that are there in this national, Merlion situated near to the Sentosa Island is very popular among tourists. The statue has a unique design that never fails to grab the attention of the tourists.

Singapore has wide arrays of scintillating and amazing tourist attractions. From natural to man-made this small Island Nation never fails to engross the visitors into delightful holidays. From the enchanting tour of the cities to the serene and peaceful Gardens, one can also explore the charm and beauty of the exotic national parks and sanctuaries rich in flora and fauna. Night safari in Singapore is another astounding tour attraction that most of the tourists visiting Singapore love to enjoy and explore. It is a unique set of attractions that allow tourists to witness the nocturnal animals in their natural habitat.

Holiday in Singapore
Apart from the natural beauty, the hospitality, world class services and more importantly the pleasant peaceful ambiance have truly made Singapore the most sought after travel and tour destination in the world today.

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The Uniqueness of the Hedonistic Country, Thailand

Thailand Holiday Packages
The meaning of a guest is has a totally different meaning in the Asian countries and for Thailand it is more than just hospitality. The smiling bright faces of the fun loving country and the beauty of the islands is what attract all the visitors. One may ask; which is the best island to land on to have more fun or which part has the most fun packed sites. To answer the answer we give you is no there is no such place. Don’t get upset because here in Thailand there are too many islands and each island is unique in its own way and it depends on your preferences what you want to do in Thailand. The place is brimming with the shine of the spicy food, exotic fruits, rich flora and fauna, islands, mountains, rivers etc.

To begin your Holiday Package in Thailand the local food would be the best to begin with. You may be hungry after your travel and the first thing that you would want is the food as you check into one or the other hotels of Thailand. The Thai delicacy is the most interesting with so much contrast to the western food. If you get out of your rooms to the streets of the best thing you will get at the cheapest rates is the food. The streets of Thailand are full of super cheap and clean food. The Pad Thai, Kabobs etc offer to be super delicious super cheap mouthwatering dishes. Don’t forget to try out the mango and sticky rice as desserts. You can feel free to try out everything on these streets and yes you won’t need to break your piggy bank for all the costs. Locals and the foreigners love the tom yum soup. You can get the variations with the prawns, fish, seafood, coconut, chicken of this soup. Creepy yet tasty try out the snacks, the crispy silkworms and the beehive.

The places to visit are long in the list of the holiday package Thailand. It includes the culturally rich provinces of Thailand that have now evolved as modernized city with malls, restaurants and bars showing Thailand’s leap into the modern world. The capital of Thailand the Bangkok stands tallest in the list. The capital has fun filled day and excellent nightlife. The famous one to have a visit during the day is the “Grand Palace” and Wat Prakewa. The other floating vegetable and fruit markets of Bangkok are still preserving the unique tradition and gives us a glimpse of old Thailand that is so different from the modern one. Due to the commonness of Venice and Bangkok with its floating markets, Bangkok is sobriquet as the Venice of the east.

Thailand Holiday Packages
Our next destination would be the Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is a nature lover’s paradise. The beautiful curvy mountains and the dense forests are a trekker’s paradise. The place also bears many temples for the seekers of some peace. The things that will interest you here is the long neck Karen Hill tribe.

Remember the James Bond starrer the man with the golden gun. It was shot at Phuket. Now it’s among the notorious Beaches of Thailand that see excellent nightlife lubricated in the fragrance of alcohol. The other beaches include Ko Phi Phi, Ko Lanta, Ko Jum, Ko Ngai etc. most of the beaches see the full moon parties and water sports.

Ayutthaya is a historical site where one can find relics of ancient temples, monasteries, statues of Buddha, fortresses etc. it’s a popular tourist attraction of Bangkok.

Thailand Holiday Packages
To sum up Bangkok within these few lines is very difficult. To have a feel of what it’s all about have a visit yourself and you won’t stop praising Thailand.

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Friday, 17 August 2012

Enjoy a Sojourn Trip Back To Nature in Singapore

Among the tourist places of the world I mean for holiday purpose and even for other leisure escape there is none other destination as popular and long lasting as that of Singapore. Its awesome alpine high altitude mountains, wild forest covered hills, deep valleys along with the man manipulated parks and entertainment area are the main lure among tourist and holiday makers. It is one and the only tourist destination of the world that is still famous since century and draws more than thousands of people from overseas.

Holiday package in Singapore offer wide arrays of sightseeing and culinary opportunities in its numerous tourism spotted area. Among the vibrantly happening tourist destinations Sentosa Island is one of the most attractive tourist islands of this country. The island holds countless tourist attractions with pristine beaches, world class oceanarium, sea sports, golf, zoos, recreational ground botanical gardens and numerous resorts and is one of the best retreat center ever found on earth.

It is a place where you can enjoy endless activities to indulge and that too all for amusement and enjoyment. Sentosa also offer activity like diving to dive and enjoy the ecosystem of the wonderful creative aquatic world and give chance to all travelers to interact with marine living creatures like dolphin, shack and so on. There are also thrilling activities lots more offered by this island in Marine Park. The marine park of this island is recognized by the people worldwide and is considered as the largest oceanarium in the world. Beside this park there are also numerous other well to resorts that offer world class marine dinning and other amazing accommodation and leisure options. The marine park or the underwater oceanarium is also one of the reasons for crediting Sentosa Island as an iconic landmark of this country.

Sentosa Island is also an island of adventure or can say as an entertainment piece of planet. There is the luge and sky ride entertainment or you can also get into the amusing thrill of part toboggan a cart style vehicle and see the enchanting places around, the sky ride also takes up high up and reaches you on top of the tiger sky tower where you can enjoy the bird’s eye view of the breathtaking scene of the vibrant island, you can also see the vast mind blowing blue sea ocean water thrown through great distance and is simply amazing and stunning, a glimpse of this pictures you will never forget for lifetime because it’s simply wonderful and will linger in your memory forever. If my words are just a verbal attraction visualize it yourself and you will feel the wonder.

Even the zoos and its night safari you will simply love it, it’s fantastic at the same time seems to be a dramatic experience. Experience the soaking trill once in a life time and your tour memories will remain forever for life time to cherish.

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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Experience the Magic World of Thailand

Over the years till today Thailand has been reputedly known for its splendors natural beauty of the rows of charming incredibly magnificent vistas of landscape created by the Rocky Mountains, lofty hills, lovable fertile valleys and mesmerizing cities. It is place well known among travelers for natural tourism and its heart gripping shopping avenues that offers umpteen tourist delights. In short to say it is one of the flawless tourist ends of the world.

Here are some of the best travel destinations you may go through and count them in your trip. Let me start introducing you with one of the famous tourist place of Bangkok the capital city.

Bangkok- Whenever people talk about Thailand Bangkok is the first one to mention in most of the topics about travel, tours and stay. Yes, Bangkok is indeed a beautiful place and you are sure to fall in love with it. It captures the attention of tourist easily, first of all being the capital city. Of course many of the capital cities are the first impression gaining site that’s for sure but still not always every capital city is as famous and attractive as this one. The inner and outer everywhere on the street and every nook and corners the place is jam-packed people, shops, malls, restaurants, public offices, hotels and so on still by tourist and visitors mostly preferred the area for stay and here the main attractions are the flawless lines of shopping avenues, open flea markets, good accommodation facilities and other multiple amenities available for all purpose are the main reason why people rush here for stay and other purpose.

Phuket-Phuket is also a one of the most populous area among tourist but unlike the city of Bangkok this city is much better in look and appearance and is much cleaner and the atmosphere here are calm and cool as the place due to the numerous beaches that are lined up in its shores. The city is actually formed on the island a distance of about 40 minutes away from the capital city of Bangkok and is much loved by nature anecdotes. 

The main attraction why tourists love visiting the place often is for its free style laid back lifestyle of the beaches that are happening every day with rocking nightlife and recreation sports of this place have made Thailand Holidays popular across the globe.

Chiang Mai-If you happen to come for tours or holidays in Thailand you should not miss out this particular site. It is a historical reserve place and is perhaps said to be one among the rarest cities of the world well known for its rich heritage that are worth visiting if you wish to know about the glorious history and stories of the past eras.

Thailand Holidays offer beyond tourist expectation and so whether you are here for holiday or just a weekend tour outing or for occasional trip like honeymoon and others you are sure to get delight from it. The country offer multiple choices and variety of travel options with equal treat mesmerizing packages for visitors packed with activities and excitement unlimited.

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