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Nepal the Magical Destination to Explore In Asia

Tourist Places in Nepal
Namaste, welcome to the land of the Nepali’s and the home of the highest peak in the world Mt Everest locally and respectfully called the Sagarmatha. Nepal is a land locked country in South Asia who shares its boundaries with Asian giants, China and India and the holy lands of Tibet. Lying in the Himalayas this land receives its blessing and beauty from the Himalayas itself. This land has 8 of the world’s 10 tallest mountains. This place holds a very holistic culture and is a source for one of the major religions of the world, Buddhism. Nepal is the home of the birth place of Lord Buddha.

Nepal Adventure Tourism
This place is the youngest republic country and is mostly urbanized. This land is mainly famous for its natural beauty and it is one of the most favorite destinations for adventure seekers especially trekkers and hikers. It can be counted as one the mostly liked mountainous holiday destinations in today’s world. It is a heaven for mountain lovers and a treasure for culture lovers. Tourism being the largest industry in Nepal it is the main source of revenue in this country. 

Often called as “the land of mountains” Nepal is blessed by the snow capped mountains, jaw dropping landscapes and very rich culture. The mountain peaks in here seem to kiss the sky and invite adventurers from across the globe challenging them; the gushing wild rivers invite rafters to see if they have the courage to cross them. 

There are numerous Tourist Places in Nepal CLICK HERE to visit and explore which truly surprises the vacationers and stunned them by their beauty. The Nepal tourism invites tourists, holiday seekers and adventure hunters from across the world to visit this place and to feel its holiness. These places can be divided into three regions- the Terai region, the Hill region, and the Himalayan region.

Tourist Places in Nepal
The Himalayan region- This region includes the Annapurna region, the Everest region, the Lang tang region and the remote areas here filled with cultural richness and unique tradition. These regions of the Himalayas can be enjoyed and explored in many ways. Some of them include taking a flight in an aero plane and enjoying the snow covered peaks from high above in the sky. These Nepal mountain flights are very famous among the visitors in here. You can even enjoy these mountains from various viewpoints around the Kathmandu valley.

Well, there are the few major highlights that makes Nepal the most sought after and pleasant tour destination. It is amazingly gifted by the nature and is home to some of the worlds most popular and inviting tour destination that allure not just the tourists who are looking for leisure vacations but to those as well who are fond of adventure tours, trekking as well as holy trip to revered shrines. Nepal Adventure Tourism FOR MORE… is truly very exciting and interesting in entire world as the adventure seekers from every nook and corner of the world visit sensational Nepal for exciting adventure extravaganza. Talking more about its hospitality, it is always at par and offers the world class services and accommodation facilities that enhance the beauty beyond words to describe.
Nepal Adventure Tourism

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